Participatory Design

Collaboration with those that know their needs the best



Participatory Design

Participatory design engages the creative input of those usually outside of the design team, involving them in the design process itself. This may include clients, users or the public. 


Ethics & Leadership Panel: Participatory Design

Excerpt of introductory presentation by Mallory Scott Cusenbery. The topic is promoting social equity in the design process through a generative participatory design approach. Includes three case studies: Beats Rhymes & Life HQ (Oakland CA), REACH Ashland Youth Center (Alameda County CA) and Cityspaceyouthproject. 

Meaningful Collaboration

In which Mr. Cusenbery provides a quick overview about participatory design in architecture.

Cityspaceyouthproject is an initiative to engage youth in the design of outdoor public urban space. What types of environments would they create for themselves if they had the option to decide?


Youth-ing The Design Process

“As the profession of architecture moves to embrace socially conscious architecture, the participatory design model offers an opportunity for productive equity. In the collaborative model, we replace the deterministic idea of architecture as a catalyst for social change with the inclusive idea of the social as a catalyst for architectural change.”